Lily Y
Anthente International

Laura became a valuable resource to my business from day one. She was creative and quick to make recommendations to help streamline my office tasks, such as better filing options and other organizational opportunities. Laura is patient, reliable, shows attention to detail, and is a fast learner. She’s great to work with!  

Pleased Client
The Pleased Corp.

Partnering with Virtua makes a potentially excruciating undertaking go smooth as a breeze. Not only do you get the sense that she’s organized and on top of things when you start the process, but she proves it over and over again with every interaction. I never worried once that even the smallest detail would be lost or overlooked. Virtua’s knowledge and experience come through with the helpful suggestions and recommendations she provides along the way. Nothing was overlooked. Everything was done with a level of excellence, integrity and care. I LOVE my beautiful new website and have decided to continue working with the amazing Virtua for my ongoing newsletter. Thank you, Belinda… what an absolute gift you are to this solo professional!

Satisfied Client
The Satisfied Group

After being in business for several years as a solo entreprenuer I had exhausted my ability to do different pieces of the business myself and it took hours and hours. If you are busy out in the field doing your work, the behind the scenes pieces can fall to the ground. When things are slow you feel the weight of all the things that aren’t getting done. Things like your website, your marketing efforts, networking, etc. Virtua helped me as I handed over my long checklist. One by one she would troubleshoot each issue with me. I so appreciated the progress we made together!